VoiceworksPlus Concert 27-07-2022


VoiceworksPLUS (VW+) is a choir and performing arts group which fosters the talents of people living with disabilities.

VW+ was established in 2013 as part of Vocal Ensemble Voiceworks Inc (VEV). The program teaches acting, singing and movement techniques which help to build self-confidence and develop communication skills. Performances, which include participants and supporting volunteers, are designed to challenge community perceptions of disability.

Prospective new members are interviewed and assessed but do not require previous experience. VW+ is making a major difference to participants, their support networks and the local community.

Our photo gallery has hundreds of photos of recent VW+ performances by DGD Photography: click here VW+ Photo Gallery

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Covid restrictions after the re-opening of the Western Australian border in early 2022 resulted in rescheduling, but VoiceworksPLUS still had three well attended public performances, "VoiceworksPLUS has talent" in July, "Phone a Friend" in September and "Mad Christmas" in December.

In the words of a participant: "I go to voice works plus. I have been going for 10 years. I go Every week because I love it. It helps me speak very well. I have made new friends. I have learned to use a phone so I don’t get so lonely. I like talking to people. Voice works plus makes me feel safe and happy."

From a parent’s perspective: 'Wednesday afternoons are the highlight of M’s week. He loves the sense of community, building friendships and having a ripping sing, learning and developing new skills and talents just a bonus. The support that the Voiceworks community provide the Voiceworks Plus members is so appreciated."

Funding to enable similar programs and performances to continue in 2023 is vital. Donations will be used to cover expenses associated with rehearsals and performances including program development, a Musical Director; an Artistic Director; Choreographer; costumes; venue hire; and publicity.

We need your help, and your donation will enable us to continue making a difference. Click here to go to our donations page:   Donate

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