Terms and Conditions


"VEV" means Vocal Ensemble Voiceworks (INC.) ABN 33 156 326 323 trading as Vocal Ensemble Voiceworks.
VEV is a not for profit Association and registered charity in Western Australia

The objects of the Association are as follows:
•    To promote the performing arts within our community.
•    To educate and encourage standards of excellence in singing and the performing arts.
•    To create opportunities and encourage inclusion for members from the broader community.
•    To provide entertainment for the community in ways which reflect community values.
•    To foster, create and promote opportunities for the community to attend and participate in performances and events.


All Members must agree to abide by the Constitution and the rules of VEV. There is a required annual non-refundable membership subscription for voting members. Teaching materials including music scores and tracks are provided to all current members

Full Members shall perform with VEV. Full members shall pay the current required fees.

Professional Members may be required to perform in rehearsals and productions with VEV and may be required to support productions with their professional expertise.

Honorary Members will be exempt from all subscriptions and other financial contributions.

Associate Members shall be persons who have been accepted by the Board

Leave of Absence: Leave of Absence will be awarded at the discretion of the Board.

Membership Subscriptions and fees may be reviewed by the Board at any time.

Members are entitled to inspect at any reasonable time without charge the books, documents, records and securities of the Association.
•    It is the responsibility of the Board to arbitrate and resolve any disputes which arise.
•    A member may resign at any time in writing to the Board.
•    A member may be deemed to have ceased to be a member of VEV if they have failed to pay required fees or are in arrears with those fees in excess of two calendar weeks.
•    Members may be expelled by the Board for breach of the constitution or for illegal acts or culpable negligence.
•    Upon retirement or expulsion all property of the Association must be returned forthwith to the Association within seven days of leaving the Association.

VEV shall not be liable for individual members in law, excepting when a member is carrying out the directives of the Board. Members shall not be severally liable in the event that the VEV should become financially liable or insolvent.

VEV is a not for profit association and all property and income of the association must be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects within the VEV Constitution. No part of that property or income may be paid or otherwise distributed, directly or indirectly, to any member of the association, except in good faith in the promotion of those objects.

VEV in no way limits the right of individual members to pursue personal musical interests and performances. In pursuit of these a member may not bind VEV or its members or resources of any kind to any commitment or undertaking without first having the matter determined by the Board, and in accordance with the Constitution.
•    Licence to perform from the appropriate authorities is not extended to individual members outside of the approved activities of VEV.
•    Any visual or aural recordings of performances or rehearsals by VEV shall remain the property of VEV unless otherwise negotiated.

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