Dunsborough Song Fest

18th November 2023
By Elisabeth Gerber
Voiceworks participates in our first Dunsborough Songfest!

An unforgettable and hugely successful weekend was enjoyed by our Voiceworks members at the Songfest 2023 in Dunsborough recently.

Despite some initial trepidation, most of our VW choir membership made the decision to attend. We organised and helped each other with accommodation, lift sharing, food preparation, rehearsing and rehearsing some more and off we went with our wristbands on, cars packed. Firstly, Friday evening was the 'taster' session - picture two venues, around 30 choirs in total, each singing one song. Voiceworks was on after the interval - we were so excited and nervous at the same time, but we held our own - with one song, you have to get it right, don't you! We were made to feel very welcome by everyone around us - some of the groups have been performing at the various Songfests for years!

Saturday was the big day. After spending the morning bumping into each other at the Dunsborough market or at various amazing singing workshops, we made our way to the Old Dunsborough Hall, one of 4 venues set up for all groups to perform a 20 minute set to a packed audience of not only other highly acclaimed singers and singing groups, but also our friends and families! What a feat of organisation by Songfest Inc as they masterminded the whole thing, which ran like clockwork! To think they are all Volunteers is just amazing! 

Duns Sweeney

On Saturday evening we all got together to celebrate and be together to reflect what we had achieved as a Choir, not just this weekend, but this last year or so - many of our families and friends made specific comment about how much we had improved and how professional we sounded - this is all thanks to the tireless dedication, not only of our singers (our members) but also the professional approach of our Production Director and Accompanist, Joshua Webb and our Musical Director, Jackson Griggs - both of whom helped us realise what we can achieve, so thank you both! 

The weekend culminated on Sunday morning when we sang two final songs under the theme of 'Beautiful and Spiritual' , a fitting end to the Songfest we felt, since it really brought home why we all sing and the endless benefits to be derived from that. 

Duns CWM 1

Duns CWM 2

Please head to this link if you would like to see more from the Songfest this year!

Dunsborough Songfest – Songfest

Members of VW are very grateful for this opportunity, and we hope to attend the SongFest again in 2024 - our families got to know each other beyond Tuesday evening rehearsals and as a result of our experience, we all feel much more in 'sync' - we know each other so much better, that our singing is sure to improve even more!

Onwards towards our next show midyear 2024. Stay tuned for more information and, in the meantime, if you know someone who loves singing and would benefit from being with us, please bring them along on a Tuesday evening 7-9.30pm - all are welcome - more information on our website.

A few comments we received about this weekend:

"Congratulations on your wonderful presentation on stage which the other choirs all enjoyed so much".

"WoW - you sounded amazing - you got so much applause!"

"I had a most wonderful weekend, thank you!"

"Until I joined VoiceWorks - I was quite lonely, now I feel so included in my Community!"




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