Timewarp Tribute plays to a packed house

22nd September 2023
VoiceworksPLUS celebrated their 10th birthday with a joyful tribute to past shows: a selection of songs from the past with new arrangements and choreography

Wednesday 20 September 2023 at the Shenton Park Community centre

The spectacular set, costume changes, impressive choreography, and individual performances by all members of the group set the scene for a very enjoyable and entertaining evening before a very appreciative capacity audience.

The show was designed by new Artistic Director Joanna Worthington, new musical director Marie O'Dwyer, and choreographer Kim Addison as a tribute to 10 years of performances by VoiceworksPLUS. It featured new arrangements of a selection of familiar songs from 2013 to 2023.

Huge thanks to everyone involved in the production, including our major sponsors Farmer Jacks Supermarkets, The McCusker Charitable Foundation, the City of Subiaco, and Miss Chows restaurants.

Voiceworks+ Timewarp Tribute 20-09-2023-23

Voiceworks+ Timewarp Tribute 20-09-2023-94Voiceworks+ Timewarp Tribute 20-09-2023-106Voiceworks+ Timewarp Tribute 20-09-2023-122Voiceworks+ Timewarp Tribute 20-09-2023-77Voiceworks+ Timewarp Tribute 20-09-2023-87

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