Voiceworks Sing a song in Subi!

10th April 2023
Musical director Jackson Griggs and accompanist Josh Webb led the Voiceworks choir and potential new members in an outstanding open workshop on 5 April

 A fabulous evening of entertainment!

In the words of an audience member:

"I was most impressed by the quality of singing in harmony of so many varied songs --- topped by the iconic Bohemian Rhapsody which showed a confident support by all   ....Kim's high 'opera' phrase as a highlight !

The warm up exercises and advice prepared by Jackson & Josh were really inclusive and enjoyable. I thought the seating arrangement for all was effective. My appreciation of the delicious, large & varied supper spread with wine  ...  most generous."

Sing a song in Subi 23 a

Sing a song in Subi 23 c

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