Artistic Director

31st December 2022
Seeking a new Artistic Director...


Position: Part-time Artistic Director for VoiceworksPLUS (VW+), a unique performing arts program for people with disabilities. VW+ is one of the two innovative community choirs of Vocal Ensemble Voiceworks Inc. (VEV) a not-for- profit community performing arts organisation based in Shenton Park WA. The choirs rehearse weekly and perform throughout the year.

Our focus is on inclusion and excellence, making performing arts available for everyone.

We are seeking an experienced and energetic Artistic Director who enjoys community involvement and who has appropriate professional skills and experience. Someone with a background in the disability sector is preferred. Flexibility and the ability to adjust to the varying needs and abilities of participants is important. Our VW+ participants respond well to high energy people who lead with passion, compassion and a sense of fun. 

The Artistic director’s responsibilities in this overseer role include developing a creative vision, devising and implementing programs, and directing a creative team with various musical and theatre backgrounds. You should be a good communicator.

The Artistic director reports to the board of VEV. Payment for the weekly rehearsals is at standard industry rates, with negotiated extra amounts for additional rehearsals and performances.


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